Dr. Kathryn WebbMy advice: Do everything exactly as Dr. Faber tells you.

I owe my quality of life, if not my very life, to his recommendations.

I developed atypical irritable bowel syndrome after what was to be a simple tubal ligation. .

I was an absolutely healthy 45 year old female until a tubal ligation in December 2004. I never felt well afterward, and in weeks abdominal pain and explosive abdominal pressure. I was assured there was nothing wrong with me

Later after I started to run fevers, I began an ordeal that lasted over 2 years. I saw a total of 29 doctors, 2 CT scans, 2 MRI, 2 nuclear tagged white blood cell scans, abdominal, rectal and vaginal ultrasound, 2 colonoscopies, 2 upper GI series and exploratory surgery.

I was checked for cancer, ectopic pregnancy, inflammatory bowel syndrome, Crone’s disease and more. I was told I needed to have my ovary and tubes removed as they were likely infected. I was told I needed to have a rectal surgery to remove a possibly infected cyst even though it had been identified as benign. I was told I was hysterical and looking for attention and just needed to "get on with my life" and perhaps counseling might help me. 

I was seen by surgeons, GYN, GI and infectious disease specialists, department heads of the Medical College of Georgia, as well as the GYN, infectious disease and GI departments of Mayo Clinic.

I spent thousands of dollars, missed months of work, took 22 medications. I changed my habits, reduced my stress, saw a nutritional specialist, spent hundreds of dollars on nutritional supplements and had more blood and lab tests than I could have believed possible.

It was only after lab work by Genova, tests not covered by my insurance as bacterial overgrowth
caused by slowing of the gut after anesthesia is not considered to be a possible cause of disease, was I referred to Dr Faber.

Then it was only after Dr. Faber did a very complete history and quizzed me thoroughly on the Rome criteria, that my IBS was identified. With his direction, my medical doctor has implemented
his instruction and as I write this, I am 12 weeks symptom free after 2 1/2 nightmare years.

Medication for the IBS, nutritional and probiotic supplementation have changed my world.

There are not enough words for my gratitude for his help, his kind and gracious manner, and his
dedication to his profession.

My story is real. If you have any doubts or questions about the necessity of following his
directions explicitly, you may contact me at IBS@kwebb.com. He has earned my absolute confidence, and he will earn yours.


Dr. Kathryn Webb
Martinez, Georgia